Sagittarius: Investigating a potentially practice-changing approach to post-surgical care for patients with colon cancer.

SAGITTARIUS is an ongoing clinical trial project that could help to demonstrate the benefits of a new approach to testing and treating patients with high-risk stage II and stage III colon cancer after they have had surgery.

SAGITTARIUS will assess the use of liquid biopsy (a type of blood test) to detect signs of colon cancer in patients after surgery. The results from the liquid biopsy will be used to guide the post-surgical treatment of patients with colon cancer. This personalised approach will be compared with the standard, one-size-fits-all treatment pathway that patients at these stages of disease generally follow.

The results of SAGITTARIUS could be completely practice-changing, and life-changing for many patients with colon cancer. It is hoped that this approach will ensure that patients:

  • Receive the right treatment at the right time,
  • Avoid unnecessary treatments and side effects,
  • Experience improve post-surgical care and outcomes for patients.
Stephen Rowley

“The only way I could make a decision about whether to have chemotherapy was by looking at the overall statistics. Liquid biopsy would help each patient know what’s the right decision for them.”

Colon Cancer Patient, UK

SAGITTARIUS is a multi-faceted program, with four interlinked sub projects:

Clinical trial

Clinical Trial
The impact of post-surgery liquid biopsy on clinical outcomes for patients with colon cancer e.g. relapse-free survival and safety.
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Health economics

Health economics
The cost-effectiveness of this approach to understand its value for health systems.
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Quality of life

Quality of life
The impact of this approach on health-related quality of life and patient-reported outcomes for people with colon cancer.
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The biological processes that will help us to answer questions around why biologically some tumours are more likely to result in minimal residual disease after surgery.
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* The -omics element of the SAGITTARIUS project is funded separately.

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